Product development and sampling

Our merchandising team is always on collecting customers requirement of fabric and style. Then the identification and selection of appropriate source to be preliminary screening by inspection and testing. Forwarding samples to the customers and receiving feedback.


Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements. Negotiation and finalization of price.

Order progress & planning

On receipt of orders based on above, discussing with suppliers on process planning, preparation of critical path by highlighting critical stages involved. We plan every style with each factory in detail to achieve the delivery dates and with a daily monitoring ensure that proper corrective action is taken in case it slips from the schedule. A weekly detailed report is sent to our customers to keep them posted regarding the WIP of all the styles.

Quality Control

Our Q.A team follows an AQL of 1.5 & 2.5 depending on the complicity of styles. The Pre-production sample as well as bulk fabrics are tested for following:

Fiber identification / composition

Dimensional stability to washing
Color fastness to washing
Color fastness to Crocking
Color fastness to Perspiration
Color fastness to Light
Pilling Resistance
Threads per Inch


Study the style thoroughly and identify critical areas. The patterns must be thoroughly checked and Proto samples are made as per pattern to fix specs and shrinkage. Size sets in all sizes are made and checked before and after wash. Pre-production meeting conducted at the production factory with their staff with the size sets and the same are sealed. Pilot run are checked operation wise. One Q.C is posted and continuous on-line check is done and the reports are studied by Q.C Manager daily and discussed in the management appraisal meeting conducted on every week. Final inspection after completion of total packing.


Arranging vessel for shipments with the forwarders and follow up shipment points for smoother connections. The above are some of the important activities we perform to provide a very effective service.